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Artistic Choreography: A Behind-the-Scene Look at Guru Tej Sir’s Hard Work with Bharatnatyam Dance Drama “Hanuman Chalisa” Performed by the students of Institute of Indian Artss at Chickoo Festival 2023

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The world of dance is filled with a rich and vibrant history that spans centuries. From traditional Indian classical dance forms to modern-day street performances, the art of dance has always captivated audiences and pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Bharatnatyam is one of the oldest and the most revered classical dances of India, and its artistry and complexity have been admired for centuries. Guru Tej Sir, a renowned choreographer and master of the art, has been pushing the boundaries of Bharatnatyam with his unique and innovative choreography.

The world of Bharatnatyam is familiar to Guru Tej Sir. He founded and is the director of the Institute of Indian Artss IOIA, a unique performing arts institute in Palghar District. This institute was formerly known as the Nrutihi Institute of Performing Arts. Over the past 15 years, Guru Tej sir and his mother Guru Pragnya Kajalia Ma’am have trained many dancers and choreographers in Bharatnatyam. His work has been featured in a number of prestigious festivals and events, and he has won numerous awards. Guru Tej Sir and his team have been pioneers in quality of training and have come up with digitalised way of teaching by installing online application for students to make the subject enjoyable. The Institute of Indian Artss (IOIA) is committed to spreading the Indian classical dance form at large. IOIA also provides personalised and practical training to the students who want to pursue a career in Bharatnatyam. His latest project, a Bharatnatyam dance drama featuring the Hanuman Chalisa, is sure to be an impressive work of art.

Recently, he has been hard at work on an ambitious project – a dance drama based on the Hanuman Chalisa, a beloved Hindu devotional poem. Which was performed by the students of Institute of Indian Artss at chickoo festival 2023, Which was held on 18th and 19th feb 2023 in Bordi. The Hanuman Chalisa is a popular devotional poem composed by the 16th century poet Tulsidas. Written in praise of Lord Hanuman, it is a powerful and moving poem that speaks of the power of faith and devotion. He was inspired by the poem’s message and wanted to create a one-of-a-kind production that pays tribute to its powerful message. To bring this vision to life, he has been working hard to create a Bharatnatyam dance drama that will showcase the complexity and beauty of the art form. Creating a Bharatnatyam dance drama based on the Hanuman Chalisa is no small feat. He has been working tirelessly to bring this project to life. He is using his vast knowledge of the art form and his experience as a master choreographer to create a production that will be a true homage to the power and beauty of Bharatnatyam. The production featured intricate and precise choreography, intricate costumes and props, and powerful and emotive music.

His hard work and dedication to the project are sure to pay off, as the production is sure to be a captivating and powerful work of art. From the intricate and precise choreography to the visually stunning costumes and props, the production was sure a memorable experience. Guru Tej Sir’s work is highly appreciated by audiences everywhere, and his dedication to the art of dance will be remembered for years to come. The Student participants of Hanuman Chalisa Dance drama are, Drishti Shah, Riddhi Yadav, Aaradhya Gondhiya, Netra Hadal, Ritika Kansara, Sanvi Hansale, Myra Nunadai, Sneha Singh, Aditi Mishra, Hritika Bhoj, Kanishka Bhoj, Kanackk Tilwani, Dhanishta Patil, Aarvee Meher, Spruhi Gandhi, Tanishka ambure.

IOIA is thankful to all the committee members of Chickoo festival and also to all the Parents of the participants who supported us to make this Dance drama successfully possible.


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