Arnab Chaudhary – a small social media influencer

Humor is the key to stay strong during adversities, with a smile. And who better knows this, than Arnab Chaudhary, a well known memer and humorist. The admin of some of the most well know meme pages on instagram, the beginnings were sharp and nothing less than eventful. Arnab started his journey at a mere age of 16, and with this originality, worked as a social media influencer for a long time, during his school days. Today this Delhiite is setting benchmark for the youngsters, to follow and excel with their passion. But these do require skillets, and Arnab surely is one of the few who have mastered those, quite well above the mark

He is quick and productive in handling social media (the testimony lies on the fact that he had managed a 1-3 million plus base in the past). In addition, he has a deep knowledge in digital marketing, sound ability to edit videos and duly engage in making eye catching logos. Additionally, he is also a singer and guitarist with several stage performances in his name. At present, Arnab collaborates with many big brands as their social media
influencer like Vigo, VIetc.

Arnab has always followed his passion, against the conventional mindset. As he himself cites his principle summed up into quote, quite much coined by himself. “Whatever you aim for or decide to do in life, do it effortlessly and smartly, else completely leave it.”

Kickstarting his career at an early age, Arnab Chaudhary has achieved several milestones and has inspired many people over the year. In late 2019, Arnab started his venture and came up with his digital marketing firm With a base of over 200 million plus in instagram marketing industry.

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