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An Angel For Many – Ashish Jain

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The well-known philanthropist and an angel investor Ashish Jain have contributed immensely to the business and financial community. Born in New Delhi, India, a student of Modern Barakhamba school of New Delhi, he finished his schooling at the prestigious RIT Rochester, New York plus he even did summer schooling at UC Berkeley to study and learn more. His objectives are always crystal clear, regardless of what he performs or what he works on. With being passionate about finances, he is also following the latest industry trends.

From making investments in various industries for profit and making smart choices and decisions, he’s not only been an inspiration for the people but also earned billions till now. Even though he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, Ashish did not stick to the family’s riches and reached where he is right now. According to reports, Mr Ashish Jain is a financial prodigy who has shown that endurance and patience can overcome hurdles. He has the dream of travelling the world with his finances and to blow off the steam of working with numbers, he is a great car racer as well. He believes that having a hobby like car racing helps his mind work faster and stronger.

When asked about his inspiration and motivation to be so patient about such a tedious task, he gave all the credit to his parents, Mr Ashok Jain and Mrs Pinki Jain. They are a strong supporter for him and he would overcome anything to see a smile on their faces. Throughout his journey, he also made it a point to enlighten individuals close to him by advising them on efficient investing tactics. Many people have benefited from his egotistical attitude of saving and spending their time and money on essential commodities.

His interest in numbers intensified while growing up and he has worked with multiple companies across the world including the top software MNC in India. This tricky business of investment is a piece of cake when you follow the ups and downs of finances and learn as you go along, just like Ashish Jain.
He uses his prestigious education and knowledge to solve financial challenges along the way by following the trends closely and constantly relating his profits to the US and the national stock exchange. He believes that this gruesome challenge takes a lot of your energy initially, but once you get the pattern, you start enjoying the success. He has opened doors for safe investing strategies with more significant returns and less danger.

A lot of investors look up to him, and many individuals wish to follow his road of finances for their future. Mr Ashish Jain has performed admirably over the years and has no immediate plans to stop now. He wishes to grow every day and help others grow too and spread his knowledge across.

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