Actor Vandan Raj Tak is one of the best new comers of the industry

“If you don’t fear failure and have the courage to continue, then no one has the courage and power to stop you from succeeding”

Vandan Raj Tak, born on 12th of September 1997 , is a new comer actor in the industry. Vandan is a young, passionate and kind human being who aims to achieve more in life and make his family proud.

Vandan comes from a business family and states that his family members were always keen towards acting but never had the courage to adopt it as passion. He was dediced to become an actor in his early childhood only.

He joined theatre groups, did stage plays and took up his work knowledge from Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institue. Vandan states that acting is like a medicine to his soul and body.

At present, Vandan has been featured in several music videos and has recieved the “Best New Comer Award” at Mumbai Global Achievers Award. He aims to grow more in his respective field and earn more fame