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“A good day starts with tea and ends with wine.” Ms Babita Biswas

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Women power is the world has seen their talent.
recognised by the world today because
And one of those women is Ms. Babita Biswas who has been actively working for the development of the society since a very long time. While speaking to the media she told how she helped the society, especially during the difficult time of lockdown, when the whole world was battling with the Corona virus, her social work helped a lot of the marginalised community.
And for that reason she has achieved many awards today. This is not her first honor, earlier Gurukul Foundation had presented her with the Best Social Worker award for her outstanding contribution to the society. And not only that, recently she was awarded with Woman of The Day Award by Helping Social Foundation. She is also a woman entrepreneur and she has been involved in a small business of winemaking. She has been recognised for this as the Best Winemaker by Network Rainbow Media, Lions Club and Nari shakti ek nayi pehel. She started homebrewing wine during lockdown and today her homebrewed wines are well-known in the community.

Ms. Babita feels grateful and thankful for this social and entrepreneurial award that we are honouring her with for appreciating her immense hardwork and creativity.

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