Sunday, April 21, 2024


Sex Trafficker Begs: Musician asks for appeal of convictions

Musican R. Kelly asks for new trial or appeal of sex crime convictions.

Deadly Mass Shooting: Shooting leaves 8 injured, 5 dead

A shooting at Old National Bank left 8 injured and 5 dead. The attacker, an employee of the bank itself, was shot and killed by police following a shoot-out after the initial shooting occurred.

British Government Bans TikTok on Official Devices Over Security Concerns

London: The British government has banned the use of the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok...

US, UK, and Australia Announce AUKUS Nuclear Partnership to Counter China’s Influence in Indo-Pacific

San Diego: On Monday, US President Joe Biden, along with the leaders of Australia and...

US working with Ukrainian pilots to assess F-16 training time

New Delhi : The United States is reportedly working with two Ukrainian pilots to...

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