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Sneha Jaiswal: From a Simple College Student to Miss India Glamm 2022

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Mumbai: Sneha Jaiswal, a 21-year-old model from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, has recently won the Miss India Glamm 2022 title. Her journey to success has not been easy, but she believes that her passion and dedication have been her biggest motivation.

Sneha comes from an extensive family, and her mother has been a professional beautician who taught her everything about life and art. Sneha was a regular college student with a simple life and no dreams until she discovered her passion for modelling at the age of 19. She got a chance to do a photoshoot through a friend, and at that moment, she realized that modelling was something she was made for.

Sneha’s journey was never easy, as she grew up in a very sensitive environment with a lot of restrictions. Her parents never allowed her to dress up, wear makeup, go out, or meet people. However, as time passed, her parents understood the grown-up world, and they eventually accepted her for who she is.

Sneha has always had a creative mind, and she loves to paint, dance, write quotes, deep thoughts, and add uniqueness to everything. She won a prize in a dance competition at the age of 14-15, which she still remembers as one of the most memorable days of her life.

Sneha believes that everything happens for a reason, and even if someone makes mistakes, it does not make them a bad person. She believes that it’s essential to find what one wants to do or likes to do, and not to do anything in pressure. Her passion and dedication are her motivation to pursue her career.
Sneha’s journey has changed her a lot, and she has become more confident than ever. She used to be a shy person who didn’t even know how to talk, but her experiences have made her a more confident person. She also believes that nothing comes easy, and one needs to put a lot of effort into achieving their goals.

Sneha has also faced fear and insecurities about her work, which came from her bad experiences. However, she challenged herself every single day and said that she could face it, which helped her improve herself. She also believes that staying away from fake and negative people is crucial as they can mold one in a negative way.

Sneha has always wanted to be a businesswoman and is working on that at the same time. She believes in following her passion and dreams together and advises everyone to believe in themselves and God. She also believes that one should not overthink and face their fears while not running away from their responsibilities.

Sneha’s biggest achievement has been making her parents smile, even though they were initially against her career choice. She also believes that relationships are not suitable for a goal-oriented person and has had bad experiences with toxic relationships, which affected her career. She does not believe in true love and believes that she is unlucky in relationships.

Sneha’s journey has been full of ups and downs, but she believes that her passion and dedication have helped her reach where she is today. She advises everyone to face their fears, not run away from their responsibilities, and believe in themselves and God.

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