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Question Mark spotted in Space: NASA

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Scientists have been left baffled at the sight of a giant question mark in space that they beheld using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

In June the European Space Agency released an image with fine, intricate details revealing the rapid formation of two young stars nearly 1470 light-years from Earth in the Vela Constellation. The image shows the two stars, Herbig-Haro, girded by a disk of materials undefined, upon which the stars feed on and grow. And only below these two stars was seen the question mark that has raised several questions as to what it is.

The mystery is still unresolved, yet some speculations have been made by Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, which is responsible for the operations of JWST. The Institute, of all the explanations, deems one of them to be most likely true: the ‘question mark’ is a distant galaxy or a pair of galaxies appearing entangled in each other’s gravitational pull.

They also added with much assurance that the object lies very far apart from the world and this conclusion was drawn owing to its red color. It was also mentioned that this could be the first time that mankind beheld such an object in deep space.

The image has been making rounds on social media inviting several comments like ‘Alien Invasion’ and several other bizarre theories.

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