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pashmina, banarasi stole etc: gifted to G20 leaders

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Apart from the diplomatic success of the G20 summit, it also served as a platform to highlight India’s rich culture and heritage.

As they departed for their nations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented them with special gifts.

These gifts comprise a curated compilation of handcrafted artefacts that speak volumes about India’s rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Leaders who joined the summit were gifted with Indian artefacts and items like Banarsi silk shawl, Andhra’s premium Arakku coffee, Pashmina shawl, Kashmiri saffron, Ziggrana itar etc

Reflecting centuries of cultural tradition of Kashmir, Pashmina Stole was gifted to the spouse of Brazil President Lula da Silva, Rosângela da Silva. The beautiful stole was gfted in a Papier Mache box.

Made up of silk threads and intricate work, the Banarasi stole represents Varanasi’s cultural richness and its weaving heritage. It was presented to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s wife, Mar­a Begoña G³mez Fernández.

The other handcrafted artefacts included a Khadi scarf, Sheeshamwood Sandook with Brass Patti, Araku Coffee, Kashmir Saffron and many more.

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