Tuesday, June 18, 2024

One youth stabbed to death during quarrel between two school groups

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There is shocking news coming out from the country’s capital, Delhi. Here, a class 12 youngster was fatally stabbed during a quarrel between two groups of students in the capital city of Delhi. At approximately 2.30 pm on Monday, this incident happened.

Let us tell you that Maniya, a native of Okhla, was reportedly stabbed with a knife on Monday after an altercation between two different groups of students. The student was taken to Purnia Sethi Hospital after the knife stabbed his chest. But the youngster passed away afterward.

The dead youngster studied Kalkaji School No. 2 and was in class 12. The report indicates that this child was hurt during a dispute between two student groups close to Hansraj Sethi Park. Police are looking at the CCTV footage. To catch the culprits, local residents are also being questioned and further action will be taken per the rules.

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