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Mumbai’s AQI going below country’s capital, netizens having problems in breathing

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The air in India’s financial capital, Mumbai, has turned toxic. People are thus dealing with a wide range of health issues. Colds, coughs, and sore throats are issues many people are having. B reathing is proving to be tough. Like feeling choked. Mumbai’s air quality index has been measured as being worse than Delhi’s today for the 6th day in a row. It has surpassed 300 on Mumbai’s air quality index (AQI). Mumbai’s AQI recorded is 319 which falls under severe condition.

The wind speed has decreased as a result of the bad air. As a consequence, the southern and central regions have been noted to have poor air quality. The govt and the municipal authorities have not yet taken any concrete actions to remedy Mumbai’s declining air quality. Bhupendra Patel, a Union Minister, visited Eknath Shinde, the state’s chief minister, in his official Mumbai house, “Varsha,” today, on Friday, January 20, to discuss this. Let us inform you that the air quality has become extremely harmful when it reaches an AQI level of 319. Mumbai’s air has gotten worst than the Delhi’s in terms of toxicity. Delhi’s AQI is now at 308.

Let us tell you that the worst condition of the air quality in and around Mumbai is Chembur and Navi Mumbai. The AQI has crossed 362 in Navi Mumbai, 327 in Andheri, 352 in Chembur, 325 in BKC, 215 in Borivali, 200 in Worli, 331 in Mazgaon, 319 in Malad, 323 in Colaba and 283 in Bhandup. The air quality of Chembur and Navi Mumbai is at a very dangerous level.

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