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MarketX CLUB The Most Hyper Realistic “INVEST TO EARN with 1000X* Potential Coin”

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MarketX is the only realistic metaverse project inspired by Mars Concept and will
develop its own Metaverse XPLANET which will revolve in MARS. Orbit rotation is alike
Mars i.e 24H 36M as the whole concept of MarketX Club resides within MARS Metaverse
(XPLANET is a vision on which our team will be soon working on and will be delivered in

MarketX Ecosystem is going to bring revolution in metaverse platform with its unique usecases and utilities. Its going to make the change by bringing wealth opportunities globally..

1st Phase: MarketX currently allows brands, institution and all its users to Buy, Sell, Hold, Rent – MarketX Land, Mint NFT, Stake, Referral Bonus, Rewards and generate huge wealth and income on daily basis.

This is a initial phase for the engagement and growth of our community before and only till the launch of our MarketX Token next coming quarter..

2nd Phase: MarketX will launch its MarketX token and NFT on Blockchain and all transactions, rewards, income within metaverse will be done in MarketX Token..

MarketX will also offer its public and private presale round before launch..

MarketX will use Tier1 Exchanges (Binance, OKX, Kucoin, Huobi, Etc) for its
initial launch which is going to be remarkable entry in crypto market.
MarketX team is working already on its ecosystem and roadmap as released
and all projects will be launched as scheduled, in Marketx Club.
MarketX has encouraged, partnered and invested by many BIG VC’s and will
attract more Tier1 investors as our ecosystem grows and will be revealed as

MarketX is leadinga revolution that will change themetaverse and blockchain
industries andtheir valuechains forever.Itis addingthe contextual physical
realityofthe users, brand, institution in metaverse club experience with
multiple benefits on regular basis.

For the first time, MarketX has released the most
profitable and revenue generating income club for
all users globally. MarketX is a new venture of
MarketX Labs and this is going to be the
remarkable ecosystem in the metaverse world.

MarketXnot only positions itself as atechnological shark of
innovation in themetaverse and blockchain, butits platform brings
togethertoday’s most cutting-edge technologies, unitingand
connectingthemto a revenue generating system for its users via
Land Sale, NFT, Staking, Referral Income, Rewards.

MarketX with its official registration in London UK, has planned to reach every user on this planet to
be a part of there metaverse club and its ecosystem. Currently, MarketX is exploring its usage to
limited areas United Kingdom, United States, UAE, India, Phillipines, Bangladesh, Singapore, Australia,
Canada. Also MarketX will be looking for few interested ambassadors within our users from every area
to represent MarketX on Local Level Too, making a cashflow system for themselves aswell.
With the launch of its 2nd Phase will be able to expand the reach across the globe. MarketX might bring
some changes to whitepaper on launch of 2nd Phase to create a sustainable and beneficial ecosystem
and it will stop all running rewards in 1st Phase, making sure to benefit users through upcoming business model in Phase 2nd.

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