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Kadak Singh Review: A Thriller with Amnesiac Intrigue

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Movie Rating By Xpert Times 3.5/5

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, a National Award-winning filmmaker, unveils his latest Hindi thriller, Kadak Singh, directly on ZEE5. The film follows the journey of AK Srivastava (Pankaj Tripathi), an honest officer in the Financial Crimes Department, who grapples with amnesia while investigating a chit-fund scam. As he pieces together his past through fragmented memories, the movie unfolds to reveal whether he cracks the case and rediscovers his identity as Kadak Singh.


The storyline, a collaboration between Viraf Sarkari, Ritesh Shah, and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, initially enthralls with its intrigue. The first half masterfully navigates the complexity of an amnesiac protagonist piecing together his past through various narratives.


Pankaj Tripathi, in his signature style, brings depth to his character, blending seriousness with occasional witticism. Sanjana Sanghi’s portrayal adds emotional weight, while Jaya Ahsan impresses in her Bollywood debut.

Hits and Misses:

While the premise holds promise, the film stumbles significantly in its execution. The director struggles to maintain the narrative’s grip, particularly in the second half. The climax lacks the intended impact, resulting in moments of tedium instead of heightened curiosity.


Casting decisions, underutilization of Tripathi’s potential, and the unrelated role of Parvathy Thiruvothu leave questions unanswered. The music, especially during tense scenes, feels mismatched and fails to enhance the viewer’s engagement.

Technical Aspects:

Roy Chowdhury’s direction showcases brilliance in parts but lacks consistency. The music, cinematography, and editing, while satisfactory, fail to sustain the movie’s momentum throughout.


Kadak Singh emerges as a lackluster thriller despite Tripathi and Sanghi’s commendable performances. The pacing issues, particularly in the latter half, hinder its potential. Roy Chowdhury’s direction and the music serve as notable drawbacks. Consider exploring alternative entertainment options this weekend.

Overall, while the film has its moments, it falls short of its promising premise, leaving audiences expecting more from this suspense-filled narrative.

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