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Great news for WhatsApp users; Now you’ll be able to search conversation through specific date feature

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India has millions of WhatsApp users. New features are also being added to the app to enhance the overall user experience. WhatsApp will introduce new features in the most recent 23.1.75 version that aim to improve the user interface even more. Numerous features will be contained within it. The Message Yourself tool, the Search by date function, and the Drag and drop to share image feature are new features. Using and chatting will be simpler once so many functions are available. Both Android and iOS users will be able to get this update.

Let us tell you that Two features in the most recent version have generated a lot of discussion. Search by date is the first feature, and drag-and-drop sharing of images is the second. Users will now be able to search for a certain message by heading to a specific date using the calendar, according WhatsApp’s announcement of the new version. Date by date can also be used to search conversation, as was mentioned in more detail.

Use the search by date feature as follows: 1. Launch WhatsApp and navigate to the chat you want to use the date-based message search in. 2. Click on Search Message next. On the right corner, a calendar icon will soon appear. 3. Tap the icon for the calendar. Choose the month and year you wish to scroll through to look for messages in. 4. The message will jump to that date if you click the Jump to Date button. The message will be seen there.

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