First time punishment for cyber terror, conspiracy to blow up Mumbai’s famous school, life imprisonment

This has never happened before. First time this has happened. Sentenced in the case of cyber terrorism. He had conspired to blow up the famous school of Mumbai with a bomb. A 28-year-old computer engineer from Kurla area has been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment by a special court for conspiring to blow up the American School of Bombay in the Bandra Kurla Complex area and for spreading jihadi ideas. This computer engineer named Anees Ansari was arrested by the Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad in the year 2014.

Ansari has been in jail since his arrest. This is the first instance of life imprisonment in the case of cyber terrorism. Apart from being a software engineer, Ansari was a supporter of the IAS terrorist organization.

Plan of attack in school through Lone Wolf, target of foreigners’ children

In his Facebook chats with Omar Elhaj, it was revealed that he was preparing a bomb attack through Lone Wolf at an American school. There was a plan to create panic by attacking the children of foreign nationals. Ansari has been sentenced for the first time under cyber terrorism in Maharashtra for hatching this conspiracy. This is the first such case in the country in which a case was registered under cyber terrorism and sentenced to life imprisonment in that case. Among the many decisions given so far by the Bombay High Court in the case registered by the Maharashtra ATS, this decision is considered to be very special. For the first time such a decision has come in cyber terrorism case. Ans Ansari was accused of preparing a plan to make thermite bomb.

Work done on the plan to make thermite bomb, told the plan to the colleague

Thermite bomb is made by mixing metal oxide and metal powder. During the time Ansari was hatching this conspiracy, he was in touch with Elhaj Umar. At the same time, he was illegally using the computer of the company in which he was working as an Associate Geographic Technician in Andheri’s Seepj during office hours to spread terrorist ideas. He had learned the complete method of making thermite bomb. He also shared this information with Umar Alhaji.

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