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Devon Graham transforms lives as a “breatharian” and a pioneer of alchemy breathwork.

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Also known as The Black Airbender, this passionate guy aims to inspire more people and improve their lives through breathwork.

One is who believes in blindly following the traditional routes trodden by other established names in their industries, and the other is the one who believes in carving his own path to reach his desired growth and success in his career and life. The ones who belong to the latter category are those who surrender to their dreams and make every possible effort to go beyond boundaries to reach where they wish to be in their journeys. Though this is easier said than implemented, many have already done that and stunned others worldwide with their incredible work, just like Devon Graham, aka The Black Airbender, did in the meditation and transformation realms.

Devon Graham is already quite an inspiring success story, who has been transforming lives as a “breathing artist” and a pioneer of alchemy breathwork, which is a parasympathetic nose breathing only system that involves varied techniques for intensifying benefits, connection and healing of all dimensions of the practitioner. The 1995-born is a 28-year-old based in Miami, the US and has proved his mettle as a pioneer of alchemy breathwork and a breath artist that honors reality by bringing meditation to everyday life.

By focusing on the parasympathetic style of breathing while integrating scalar technology, he amplifies the meditative state in a chaotic, stressful world. He has, over the years, even partnered with giants like Google and Facebook to reduce stress and uplift energy in their offices. He has astutely combined ancient practices with sacred geometry amplifying the parasympathetic nervous system through the lens of human technology.

He is also known for transforming each breath into “gold,” creating more than 100+ techniques which could be easily employed in daily life. This has resulted in the reduction of stress, anxiety, air hunger, and other issues concerning focus, diabetes, cognitive function and more. What is even more interesting about him is that it was discovered in a lab how his breath generated high theta and alpha activity.

Besides this, he has also been a healer for several well-known athletes, diabetics and others. In fact, his methodologies and techniques have inspired brain research on Alchemy Breathwork.

Devon Graham (@theblackairbender) now looks forward to integrating alchemy breathwork and scalar in the music industry.

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