Confused where to go after your schooling ? Here is place of opportunities waiting or you! KR MANGALAM UNIVERSITY GURUGRAM, Haryana.

K. R. Mangalam University

K. R. Mangalam University

Now that the hustle and bustle of Class XII is over, everyone is rushing to get into a college and move on to the next level of their lives. Well, if you’re looking for a university that offers you the best career opportunities along with a variety of other amenities , then K. R. Mangalam University is here to satisfy all your needs.

K. R. Mangalam University is one of the top three emerging universities in the National Capital Region, and aspires to produce leaders who can make the world a better place. The major goal is to provide brilliance in academic and intellectual discovery to every individual so that it helps in developing a vibrant and progressive society that is full of emotional intelligence and happiness.

K. R. Mangalam University is divided into eleven schools, which offer more than 75 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes taught by brilliant professors. The majority of the faculty here consists of assistant and associate professors who are extremely competent and have a deep understanding of their respective disciplines. They believe in imparting values and a wealth of knowledge to every individual so they can acquire skills that will equip them to succeed in life.

K. R. Mangalam University
K. R. Mangalam University

Do you not belong to the National Capital Region or do you not want to do the hectic up-down every day? Be stress free because K. R. Mangalam University has got you! The university offers budget-oriented, sociable accommodation for students. Centralised air-conditioned rooms with a study table and a wardrobe provide healthy decorum. Students here will learn to be independent and make decisions of their own while still feeling like they are at home because the ambience here is very blissful. Hostels are provided with free wifi, a mini kitchen for their late night snacks, a gym for fitness freaks, indoor and outdoor games which include cricket, volleyball, and football, and laundry and ironing services. Medical services, along with tight security, are at their service, 24/7.

Now that we have covered the most important aspects of university life, let us also see why K. R. Mangalam University stands out among the rest.
1. Existing students of CGPA 8 and above from undergrad are eligible for a full-time MBA with a 100% scholarship.
2. It is the only university that offers a Bachelor’s degree in Law with a variety of specialisations .
3. It offers language courses not only in Chinese but also in French.
4. The university prepares students for competitive exams as well as federal and state jobs.
5. It offers an opportunity to design your own course.

Last but not the least, K.R. Mangalam University has a very active and productive training and placement department, which is constantly working diligently towards sustaining mutually beneficial relationships with all the organisations so that the pool of students graduating each year gets an opportunity to work for some of the top firms in the country. HCL Technologies, Indiabulls, OYO, Barclays, Genpact, Outlook, Paytm, Airtel Bank, CPA Global, among various others, are just a few of the top recruiters.