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Assisted Suicide Doesn’t End the Right to Die

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Suicide is a serious issue in our culture. It is the second most common reason for death among people aged 15 to 44 nowadays. Suicide has an impact on more than simply the victim who commits the act, but their families as well. Suicide rates have been rising for decades, and there are numerous reasons for this. The main reason is that people today are dealing with more mental health issues than ever before.

Should a person decide whether to commit suicide?

The word ‘suicide’ comes from the Latin suicide and is a reference to self-homicide. Today, the issue of suicide remains controversial and the act itself is often seen as one of desperation or depression. Those considering suicide may feel isolated, hopeless, or in despair and are often influenced by family history and genetics, previous suicidal attempts, physical illnesses, mental illness, stressful life events, and recent losses (including people they know or love).

There are many cases in which one’s choice directly affects the well-being of others. Many people believe that you should never commit suicide because someone else is affected. They must continue living, in the name of their family, friends, or society. But there is also another perspective for making the decision, and this is considering it as solely an individual matter and not because of how it would affect others.

Is suicide an individual right?

​​I believe that killing oneself is a matter of personal freedom, and I do not advocate regulating anyone’s personal decisions. If a sane adult wishes to end his/her life, it is up to them to decide whether they want to go through with it or not.

Suicide is a human right. We are all entitled to end our lives in the way that we see fit. It is not something that should be considered selfish or cowardly, but rather a celebration of one’s self and freedom.

The right not to die by suicide was recognized through court decisions in several countries around the world.

 However, we strongly believe that it is an individual right to live. This is because no one deserves to die by suicide. We all have our hearts, minds, and souls that we can’t let go of just because someone else doesn’t understand us. Suicide is a form of self-inflicted violence and should not be tolerated by anyone.

Suicide is linked to mental illness.

We know that suicide can happen anytime, anywhere, and at any age. Many people suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders which lead them to commit suicide. The problem with this kind of behavior lies in the fact that there are no social workers available or psychologists who can help these people overcome their problems and live restful life again!

We need more people to stand up for those who want to commit suicide but do not dare to do so themselves because they don’t want their parents or loved ones to suffer too much pain due to their death!

If you know someone who might be considering committing suicide, then please do not hesitate in telling someone about this article so that they may stop it before it goes too far!”

The right to die is more than just a right to terminate life.

When people advocate for the legalization of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide, they intuitively assume that it would be a right on which we can all agree. We would all have the right to have someone end our lives if we are suffering and hopeless. The thought behind letting terminally ill patients use lethal injections is that they should not have to suffer anymore, they should not die in pain. On the face of it, this sounds like an obvious truth. Whether you believe otherwise, most people care about others’ well-being and believe we owe each other dignity when our days are numbered.

It means that even though we all have different opinions on how we want our lives. A right to suicide is not enough; the right to a decent death is also needed. This includes freedom from pain, including mental pain. It includes a right to effective and willing assistance from doctors, nurses, and family members.

What to do?

  • First, if you are suicidal, please go to the hospital immediately. If you know someone who might be suicidal, then call them and make sure they are okay. If they aren’t okay, take them to a hospital or somewhere safe.
  • Second, talk to someone about it. If you don’t have anyone to talk to about this issue, there are plenty of places where people will listen and can help with your problem. Don’t be afraid of being judged by others because of what has happened in your life or because they don’t understand why you would want to end your existence; it’s okay if they don’t understand completely but still want to help!
  • There are also many online forums where people can share their stories and feelings about suicide without any judgment from others who may not understand as well as some may be able to help them through this difficult time in their life.


Suicide can be chosen. Whatever choice you make is one for which you alone are accountable. Nobody can interrogate you about it. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to realize that nobody deserved to pass away in such a way. While it breaks your heart personally, it breaks the hearts of your loved ones even more. The saddest reality of our society is that suicide occurs so frequently, yet even though there are billions of people on the planet, we are unable to prevent it.

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