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Ambala Productions paves way for budding artists by providing platforms and revenue.

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With the growing competition in every sector, there is always a need for someone to guide you to the path of success. Music, which is one of
the most loved art forms, has also seen this rise. Many good artists don’t get the love and respect that they always deserve because their work doesn’t reach the audience due to the monopoly of big labels. If you are one such artist then you are landed on the right article. We would like you to present Ambala Productions, one of the country’s finest talent hunters!

Ambala Productions is one of the leading music labels that are on the verge to break the monopoly created by these big labels, who are running the industry for profit purposes only. They are promoting nepotism above talent. But, we at Ambala Productions have always sought grooming talent, who could be India’s next superstar! We provide the platform to the artist and hand-in-hand take them to the ultimate success.

If you ask who is Ambala Productions and how do we do this, then here is the answer. Ambala Productions is a growing music company. We basically do talent management and art distribution. With an over the catalog of 10,000+ live songs, we provide a platform to artists and small labels, hence boosting their growth. We bring small artists on board and help them to distribute their music, videos, and digital content through different mediums, where they can get the reach that their work deserves. We distribute your work through different streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, JIOSaavn, and more. There are over 180+ outlets which include caller-tune distribution platforms, video distribution platforms, Radios, and small streaming services, which makes your journey a cake-walk.

You might be thinking that there are many other companies out there who make similar claims then how are we different from them. We at Ambala Productions, not just send your songs to the streaming service as every other company does but we keep promoting your work on that platform. We bring your songs to the relevant playlists. We send your content to different music festivals and not just that but we promote the deserving content there so that it reaches the right audience and maximum music-lovers.

We have always believed in the rights of the artists so that they can stick to their passion. So, we provide the proper revenue platforms. This way, you as an artist will never have to leave what you have always loved. We are desperate to send your content to places where it should have always belonged, in the hearts of the audience.

Here at Ambala Productions, we have always aimed to provide good services and platforms for the artists for their talent and skills growth!

– Harjaspreet Singh

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