Watch video! THIS is why Sonali Bendre and Goldie Behl haven’t worked together after marriage

Sonali Bendre is the latest guest on’s ‘Flashback with the stars.’ The actress opened up about marriage to filmmaker Goldie Behl and motherhood. 

The actress says, “We do discuss movies. I kept thinking it’s my 19th year of marriage and he said, ‘Baby it’s the 20th year.’ When you are married for 20 years, you will discuss work! You are going to discuss things, so nothing in life remains compartmentalised anymore! I met Goldie at work, I’ve worked with his production company. So, we dated while I was working but after marriage we never worked together. At that point, we weren’t ready for it and we felt either we’ll have a marriage or that project! He did his work, I did mine and we never interfered in each other’s work. I think we have reached a point where if he has something great I would love to do it.”

Speaking about being a new-gen mom to son Ranveer, the actress says, “My son is 16 years old and he dosen’t wont me around as much anymore. I have a great teenager who is very loving. One hears a lot of stories about teenagers not wanting to be hugged and not interested in what you’re doing. I don’t have that problem. He needs space and I’m happy to give him that.”

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