Watch video! Nidhi Dutta: My parents met on a film set and so did Binoy and I

Filmmakers Nidhi Dutta and Binoy Gandhi are the latest couple on’s  special series ‘Couple Goals.’ Speaking about their love story that led to marriage, Nidhi says she met Binoy on a film set, just like her parents JP Dutta and Bindiya Goswami. 

Nidhi says, “We met eight years ago, on a film set. It’s history repeating itself because even my parents met on a film set, where my dad was directing ‘Sarhad’ which was supposed to be his first film. My mom was acting in it. The same way, Binoy was directing this film seven years ago, I was supposed to be acting in it. That film never saw light of day but we ended up together. That’s exactly what happened to mom and dad too!”

Binoy adds, “The film was called ‘Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le’ so that’s what we are doing now. I met her as a producer, it was my first film. She had a lot of starry tantrums on set.”

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