Waluscha De Sousa: I don’t want to box myself into anything

After exploring acting and singing, actor Waluscha De Sousa is now seen acing Lavani moves in Antim: The Final Truth’s song, Chingari. And she looks at herself as a “little kid in a candy store”.

“I am like a little kid at a candy store. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned. I have no formula, maybe that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t know, I will find out,” De Sousa tells us, who has got a new tag — Chingari girl — following the release of the song.

She adds, “I don’t have a set plan in life. I’ve never had one. I just know that this is where I want to see myself. We are creative people, and I don’t want to box myself into anything”.

The actor confesses that she is enjoying this process which is also satisfying her hunger as an artiste. “I am grateful that life is giving me all these opportunities. So why say no to something that’s coming my way? Maybe I am not so strong in some areas, but I’m working very hard in those areas. I am just living the life that was designed for me,” says the Fan (2016) actor.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get jitters while exploring a new zone. “Me dancing on the big screen… I don’t even know what it is going to look like on the big screen. But I am quite excited about it. Also, seeing Aayush Sharma in this new packaging altogether…I’m rooting for him,” says De Sousa.

In fact, learning lavani was not at all easy for her. “We just had three days only for the song but I put in three months (kind) of effort into three days. Because we didn’t have a choice. We worked many hours. In one day, we worked for about eight to nine hours. Even when I was sleeping, I had the song and the steps going on in my head”.

For her, it is all about reviving the dying dance form of Indian culture. “It was a great opportunity to bring this dying dance form back into cinema, where people connect and even understand that… Today, it’s amazing that people are suddenly talking about Lavani. That was the intention going into the song,” she ends.

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