‘The process of content creation is much like the inside of my brain, an organised mess’

‘The process of content creation is much like the inside of my brain, an organised mess’

She is funny, feisty and fiery, and there isn’t a single soul on the Internet who hasn’t come across Niharika NM’s reels. The Los Angeles-based Indian content creator uploaded her first YouTube video during her college days and in the last few days since her arrival in India she has made Insta reels with the biggest stars in the Indian film industry.

1. You have two million followers on Instagram! Looking back, how has your journey as a digital creator been?

Honestly, I’m still in awe of everything that my life has transformed into in the last year. From almost quitting social media to what my life is now, I’m beyond grateful. It almost makes me emotional when I try to process the kind of love I get for doing what I love. This journey, like any other, has had its ups and downs but I think I’m finally at a place in my life where I’m excited about the journey ahead. I’ve strapped myself into the seat and I’m super excited to where life takes me because we’re just getting started.

2. What would you say has been the biggest learning in this journey?

To be present and grateful. I think most of us are taught to chase after our goals and move on to the next goal once we achieve the first one. We’re not taught how to be present. At least I wasn’t. However, I’ve been actively working on being able to be present and live in the moment while also being extremely grateful that I’m able to experience this incredible journey that I call my life.

3. You are consistently churning out hilarious content. What is the process like?

The process much like the inside of my brain is an organised mess. I always find it difficult to explain my process because I don’t really have a concrete one. I usually go about my life and let an idea hit me in the face, and when that happens I quickly note it down and let it simmer in my brain until I think I’m ready to talk about it. I turn on the camera when I’m ready and ramble till I make myself giggle.

4. Now that you have graduated, will you fully dive into creating content?

That is the plan at the time that I’m writing this but knowing how my brain needs constant stimulation, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I decide to branch out and do other things alongside content creation.

5. There is a South Indian flavour in your content. Being back in Bengaluru now, has it given you some good material to work with?

This place and the people here have always been home and always inspired me and will continue to do so for as long as I make it.

6. Is there any favourite food or a special place that you have in mind while in Bengaluru?

Oh My God, yes. The first meal that I had when I came back to India was Meghana’s Special Chicken Biryani. It’s been one of my favourite meals ever since I was in college and I devoured that biryani.

Bengaluru has always inspired Niharika NM’s digital content.

7. Did you have any fan moments where someone stopped you on the street to take a selfie in Bengaluru?

Honestly, I can’t believe I’m saying this but since the time I’ve been back I’ve easily given countless selfies to all the cuties that shower me with love when they bump into me anywhere and everywhere and I can’t even begin to tell how much joy and gratitude I’m filled with.

8. Are you planning on moving towards fictional content any time soon?

Oh definitely. I’m consciously working on creating more fictional content because weirdly enough it makes me very excited to write those types of pieces and also helps me push my creative boundaries, which I absolutely love.

9. How does a day in a content creator’s life look like?

I don’t know what every content creator’s life looks like but mine is usually filled with scripting, editing, shooting, scheduling, interviews, being stuck in traffic, coordinating with my team, having an existential crisis, and getting yelled at by my manager for missing deadlines. Basically, very exciting.

Niharika NM is consciously working on creating more fictional content as it helps push her creative boundaries.
Niharika NM is consciously working on creating more fictional content as it helps push her creative boundaries.

10. What is next on your list? What should we be looking forward to from you?

I’m currently working on writing exciting new things to break out of the short format content that I’m now known for. If things go according to plan and the universe aligns with me, you should see some very exciting projects in the next few months along with amazing collaborations with people you wouldn’t expect in the very near future

11. Creators often have to work and strive towards branding and monetisation of their content. What are the factors you consider for collaborative work?

I’m very particular about the brands that I work with. I need to feel personally invested in the brand that I’m collaborating with because it would feel very inauthentic to me otherwise. Especially, if it’s a product that I’m endorsing, I take my time to do my own research on it so I know exactly what I’m working with. I need to be sure that the brand that I’m working for is up to the standards that it claims to be.

12. What is the one thing that irks you the most about this industry?

I guess the one thing that I personally cannot stand is how two faced or artificial people can sometimes be. It’s just very scary to see. But then again it’s not just this industry that has people like this.

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