It has been said that behind every successful guy is a woman. But in this case this statement is proved wrong. While VB Killer has always wanted to be a rapper, it was his Father who inspired him to follow his ambitions. Vishal, who was recently seen singing the song “Phir Mohabbat,” adds, “As a youngster, I got enormous satisfaction in sharing my thoughts and myself through poetry.” Uploading my songs to YouTube Channel on a regular basis and receiving overwhelming support from my audience helped me refine my abilities, which increased my confidence even more. So far, the adventure has provided both positive and negative experiences. There have been cloudy days, but the sun has always found a way to shine through.

Early Life & Educational Qualification

VB Killer was born in New Delhi on July 3, 1997. Vishal Bhardwaj is his true name. Vishal attended Swami Shivanand School in Delhi for his education. He was a part of Delhi University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During his scholastic years, he found rap as a means of self-expression. His father’s name is Deepak Bhardwaj and mother’s name is Hema Bhardwaj. Vishal’s father was always supportive of his son’s decision to become a rapper then VB Killer stuck to his ambition of becoming a rapper and successfully fulfilled his father’s dream.


VB Killer started his career in 2015, as he uploaded his first self recorded audio on his YouTube Channel in 2015. The positive response on his first song boost his confidence, after that he uploaded back to back videos which resulted in more than 400k views on his youtube channel till now.

Facts About VB Killer

When asked about his personal life, the soft-hearted Punjabi youngster shows little interest in replying. Yes, he is extremely guarded about his personal life; he keeps his personal and professional lives separate, which is a good thing in the world of music. Instead of addressing questions about his personal life, he expresses interest in answering questions about his work and career, stating that he understands the importance of each duty allocated to him, as well as the ideals of the zone and the people that support him. Vishal is extremely supportive of his fans and loved ones. No doubt he is talented , hardworking and very dedicated towards his work.

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