‘Sara paisa barbad’: BJP leader mocks at Akhilesh for ‘meowing cheetah’ tweet

'Sara paisa barbad': BJP leader mocks at Akhilesh for 'meowing cheetah' tweet

As eight Namibian cheetahs were released by PM Modi in the Kuno National Park on Saturday, Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav made fun by posting a video of a cheetah where it was seen meowing inside its box. “Everybody was waiting for a roar. But it turned out to be a member of the cat family,” Yadav wrote. BJP Delhi spokesperson Ajay Sehrawat mocked at Akhilesh for his apparent ‘ignorance’ that cheetahs do not roar and said that the money that went into Akhilesh Yadav’s studies in Australia is a waste. “Ye Australia se padhe hai… sara paisa barbad,” the BJP leader tweeted. Also Read: Rahul Gandhi’s ‘16 crore jobs’ dig at PM Modi as Cheetahs return to India

Many social media users corrected him that cheetahs do not roar like lions, tigers or leopards as they have a different bone structure in their voice box. Some Twitter users also pointed out that it’s not his mistake that he did not know as cheetahs went extinct in 1952. Also Read: All 8 cheetahs in good health, stayed calm during the flight

Inside view of customised jet used for bringing cheetahs home from Namibia | Video

Amid much fanfare, eight cheetahs — five female and three male — were brought to Gwalior from Namibia in a special flight. At 11.30am on Saturday, which also marked the 72nd birthday of the prime minister, PM Modi operated a lever to release three of eight cheetahs. They will now spend a month in quarantine and then they will be relocated to an acclimatisation enclosure for up to four months. Only after that, they will be released into the wild. As PM Modi addressed the nation on the occasion, he said people will have to wait before they can catch a glimpse of these cheetahs as they will take time to get used to this new environment. Executive director of Cheetah Conservation Fund Laurie Marker said the cheetahs did very well on the flight and slept. They were a little stressed to see crowds.

Saturday’s event, however, became a new political flashpoint with the Congress claiming that the Cheetah project was prepared and sanctioned by the Manmohan Singh government. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi asked why 16 crore jobs did not come in eight years, now that the eight cheetahs reached India.

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