Safar Travel Express launches its exemplary Goa travel package

The travel agency, Safar Travel Express offers world-class quality services at an affordable price range.

Safar travel express in association with Hotel Embassy Suites Calangute North Goa has launched remarkable Goa adventure packages. The package has been embodied with enthralling activities such as scuba diving at Grand Island, water sports, adventure boat trip at Grand Island, scuba diving at Malvan, DudhSagar waterfall, flyboarding, bungee jumping, snow park Goa and North Goa tour. To know more about the packages visit –

The travel agency, Safar Travel Express offers world-class quality services at an affordable price range. Safar Travel Express, a renowned travel organization is located in the city of Goa. The travel agency provides travel, adventure, and stay services for people who want to get a detailed tour of Goa. Safar Travel Express has been in the business for a long run and offers services that make the customer’s experience loveable.

Md. Shabir Ali, the founder of Safar Travel Express says, “Establishing your firm requires consistent efforts and a positive outlook towards your ambition. Keep moving forward when things get hard will make you achieve the top spot in your expertise. I have always wanted to own and run a travel firm that delivers the best adventure services to the people and with Safar Travel Express everything seems attainable. Nothing can be achieved in a couple of minutes, it requires your sheer dedication and pure intention to make your dream come true. With our determined team and efficacious services, we have taken the Safar Travel Express to the next level further making it a supreme choice among the traveling agencies in India.”

Love Bhardwaj is among one of the satisfied customers that picked Safar Travel Express as its travel agency. He says, “My travel journey was extraordinary due to the professional behavior of the team of ‘Safar Travel Express’. He further says, “They have flexible activities which can be planned at any date as per the convenience of the customers”.

The founder started his business from Calangute North Goa in 2011 from the premises of the hotel embassy and then in 2018 started the online activities relating to sports adventure. The team works 24×7 to produce desirable results and further bring a smile to the face of the customers. Adventure sports in our country are becoming more and more common with every passing day and thus, people are looking forward to exploring places that give them the best enthralling experiences.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in the creation of this content.



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