Rohan Solomon excited on his single making it to the Grammy ballots, calls it ‘progress’

Songwriter-composer Rohan Solomon talks about his single We Demand Change making it to the Grammy ballots and hopes he bags a nomination, too.

Song writer-composer Rohan Solomon is overjoyed that his single We Demand Change has made it to the Grammy ballots, from where he hopes to receive a nomination.

He shares, “It’s the first time for me, so it’s an amazing feeling to have not one but two songs up there; one is my own, and other I have produced. It just shows progress, and it feels good that there was a juror who was able to have faith in the music, to stand behind it and submit it to the ballot.”

Solomon also claims that making music his career was always on the cards, despite constantly commuting between New Delhi and New York.

He says, “I have been into it as far as I can remember. I was 12 when I started writing songs and playing instruments, and at 13 I wrote my first song. I continues from there, and was a part of my school band. Then college competitions, professional gigs, with our band Cyanide… I played for about 20 years and put out a few albums too. Then I decided on solo albums, and moved to the United States as I wanted to study audio engineering.”

The one question that every musician who dares to do things differently gets asked s what kept them away from getting into film music.

Solomon claims he didn’t grow up listening to it as a child though he is quick to clarify that it doesn’t mean he finds anything wrong with it.

He explains, “While growing up, I had a lot of international records in the house, and this was before the internet When you are a child, you don’t listen to the radio that much. My foundation of music and song writing was not really Bollywood. Even though I love quite a few songs from there, I just didn’t feel comfortable doing playback. That was not the path for me, I felt more comfortable doing independent music.”

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