Pimpri-Chinchwad police register 6 cases of attempt to loot by waylaying this year

Pimpri-Chinchwad police register 6 cases of attempt to loot by waylaying this year

The Pimpri-Chinchwad police have registered six cases from January to September against miscreants who try to loot jewellery and cash by waylaying cars on the highway. Police said cash and valuables worth 2.55 lakh were robbed in total in the six cases. Such cases are on the rise and most people do not bother to file a police complaint, said officials.

According to the data shared by the Pimpari-Chinchwad police, three cases were registered at Hinjewadi police station and one case each was registered at Pimpri, Chikhali and Nigdi police stations. Of the six cases, four were solved and nine people have been arrested so far, said police.

Recently, on September 11, Parag Rastogi, a 47-year-old IT engineer from Hinjewadi area was waylaid and robbed by two men while he was returning home, on the Mumbai-Bengaluru highway. According to police, Rastogi was on his way home at around 8.20 pm, when the accused started arguing with him and robbed him of 7,000 and beat him up.

Assistant police inspector S Gogare said, “Accused alleged that, Rastogi’s vehicle collided with their bike. One of the accused further alleged that his mobile was smashed in the incident hence the accused threatened, and beat up Rastogi.’’

Police officials noted that such cases are increasing in which a suspected individual tries to involve the victim in heated argument by threatening them and later extort money. In most cases the suspected individuals are locals and hence victims do not want to escalate the matter further.

Elaborating the modus of operandi, VV Muglikar, senior police inspector Hinjewadi police station said, “These cases take place on highways where the suspected individual tries to create some drama like an accident or physical damage to vehicle, mobiles. Later these suspects call in for their aides and collectively threaten the victim and them pay.”

“In such cases the suspects do not demand an exorbitant amount. They ask for anything between 3,000 and 7,000, knowing that a victim will not approach the police station for such a small amount,” added Muglikar.

We appeal people to reach out and file complaints if they have been victims of such incidents. This will help us curb the increasing crime, said police officials.

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