Mithila Palkar gave aerial yoga ‘a shot.’ Here’s how she did it

Mithila Palkar spent three years in wishful thinking of giving aerial yoga a shot and that’s exactly what she did on Thursday. Mithila is a fitness enthusiast, and her Instagram profile is replete with her day-to-day ventures from snippets of her goofy videos to her fitness routines to her fashionable diaries.

On Thursday, Mithila added to her fitness diaries with an Instagram reel featuring herself in various aerial yoga positions. From balancing her body straight on the aerial yoga hammock to going upside down to do the namaskar position, Mithila attempted a lot of positions, and we are smitten at the final result.

Mithila, in the video, can be seen stepping on the hammock and spreading her arms wide open to balance her body on the hammock. Then, the actor can be seen jumping on the hammock and going upside down to spread her feet. In the later part of the video, Mithila can be seen standing on the hammock and spreading her one leg in sideways position and working on her leg muscles.

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Mithila played with the term aerial and wrote, “A-reel on the Ae-rial.” She also thanked her fitness coach Aditi Deshpande and wrote, “Thank you Aditi Deshpande for finally making this happen after 3 years of wishful thinking. Hoping to be a regular but if not, I’m just glad I gave it a shot and absolutely enjoyed myself while trying it.” Take a look:


Aerial yoga, as performed by Mithila in the video, comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in the reduction of back pain and improves the flexibility of the body. Aerial yoga, if incorporated in the fitness routine in a daily basis, also helps in burning the extra calories and reducing stress. Controlled breathing is another health benefit of aerial yoga, which helps in improving the breathing process.

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