Mira Rajput serves the perfect Sunday fitness inspo

Sundays are supposed to be for chilling, but it is also the day to scoop out time from our schedule to work on ourselves and be better – Mira Rajput‘s Sunday mantra is full of fitness, motivation and self love. On Sunday, Mira shared a slew of pictures and videos on her Instagram stories and spoke of the need to keep working on ourselves and be better at our fitness routine.

In two stories, Mira shared her selfies with the calisthenic ropes, to which Mira is back after a short break. In one of the pictures, Mira wrote, “Practicing those pullups,” while for the other picture, she added, “Surviving the heattech.”

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In several videos, Mira also spoke about the need to find a fitness routine and work on being better at it. She said that even though Sundays are meant for chilling, she scooped out some time for herself to get back to her workout routine and even though she is not acing it as of yet, she is working on improving at it. It is also important to find the area of the body which needs more working out. Mira mentioned that she is working on her upper body. Take a look at snippets of her Instagram stories here:

Mira Rajput’s Instagram stories.(Instagram/@mira.kapoor)

Mira’s Instagram profile is replete with snippets of her fitness and yoga diaries. A few weeks back, Mira went for a family vacation to the Maldives. She shared a video from the beach where she performed her yoga routine. ” Yoga doesn’t have to be perfect. It needn’t be a set pattern or a correct number of reps. It’s about connecting with your body, through your body and with nature,” an excerpt of her post read.

Calisthenics, as attempted by Mira, come with several health benefits. They help in burning the extra calories faster. They also improve the flexibility of the body and help it to move faster throughout the day. It also improves the brain and body coordination.

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