Mercury, music, book magic: Here’s a weekly roundup of’s top features

Mercury, music, book magic: Here's a weekly roundup of’s top features

On the heels of the quick and intimate nuptials of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, Mid-day asked fashion and makeup experts what it takes to put together a subtle wedding look. As the duo wed in their balcony, we also asked interior designers how to make a deck area look occasion-worthy. Given the tightening grip of summer, we sourced exciting recipes featuring seasonal produce — specifically, raw mangoes.


The week saw two special events: April 20 or World Weed Day and April 23 i.e. World Book Day. For the former, we dove into the growing use of hemp-based products that are thought to be therapeutic and sustainable to bring you a comprehensive feature on the hemp lifestyle. Our reading list of Dr BR Ambedkar’s essential works is one everyone must bookmark. In our ‘Shelf Life’ series, which chronicles the people and places striving to preserve Mumbai’s reading culture, we visited an independently curated Bandra bookstore.


Taking cues from RAlia, experts give beauty tips on acing the delicate day wedding look

Are you obsessing over photos from Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s wedding? Here are expert tips to help you ace your daytime wedding looks


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Mumbai chefs share how raw mangoes are ripe for culinary experiments

While raw mango pickles and juices are eternal favourites, there is a lot more that can be done with the fruit. Five city chefs share easy ways to turn unripe mangoes into curries, ceviche, salads and chutneys


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It’s 4/20 time: Why are hemp-based lifestyle products gaining traction in India?

As curiosity grows about hemp, a species of the cannabis plant, several companies are pitching the therapeutic benefits and sustainability of hemp-based clothing, oil and food. On the occasion of April 20 or ‘4/20’ — a day for celebrating all things cannabis — experts demystify the hemp lifestyle


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Meet Taba Chake and Anoushka Maskey: Northeast India`s next gen of music stars

Mid-day caught up with the two Northeastern musicians, who call Mumbai home, after they sang their hearts out onstage in Pune recently. They talk about the pandemic’s influence on their music, singing in their mother tongue, and moving to Mumbai


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Bedeck that balcony: Six steps to setting up a cosy balcony

Last week, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor tied the knot in their balcony—their favourite spot where they have shared many moments of their relationship. Design experts pick out six ways to make your home balcony look occasion-worthy


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World Book Day: Essential works of Dr BR Ambedkar one must read to understand caste

On World Book Day and for the ongoing Dalit History Month, here are some of the most notable and important works by social and political reformer Dr BR Ambedkar that one must read to understand the socio-political and economic oppression as a result of caste


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The tale of Trilogy: How an indie Bandra bookstore builds its reader community

In a relatively short period, Bandra-based Trilogy has managed to create a comfortable space where patrons – young and old – can bond while browsing and buying books. In part four of `Shelf Life`, Mid-day Online visits the Momayas, the couple behind this 8-year-old bookshop cum library


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