Malaika Arora beats Monday blues with her ‘favourite pose’

Our Monday just got better! Malaika Arora just served us with a fresh dollop of Monday fitness motivation and it is everything that we needed to see to beat the Monday blues by working out. Malaika just dropped a fresh video of herself which is a snippet of one of her fitness routines and it is making us drool on the amount of hard work and dedication that the actor has for her fitness.

In the video, Malaika, accompanied with one of her fitness partners, can be seen acing the headstand to perfection. Malaika started by sitting on her legs and then bending over in front to touch the head to the yoga mat. Then she bent her legs upwards with her knees folded, and then she stretched her legs upwards in one straight motion.

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“Happy Monday everybody. One of My favourite poses is the headstand,” wrote Malaika. Take a look at her video here.


Malaika’s Instagram profile is replete with videos and pictures of herself in various yoga positions. A few days back, Malaika shared a picture of herself in the Ashwa Sanchalanasana Variation. With the picture, Malaika also spoke of the steps that are required to perform the position. ” This pose gives a good stretch to your hips and calf muscles and lengthens the spine. It will help you improve your blood circulation.,” she listed the health benefits of the position.

Coming back to the headstand performed by Malaika in the recent video – this yoga position, also known as Sirsasana, comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in strengthening of the upper body, spine, abdominal organs and the core muscles of the body. It helps in stimulating the lymphatic system and activating the pituitary and pineal glands. Headstand also helps in reducing stress and depression and calms the mind. It also boosts digestion.

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