Lumpy skin disease: Lakhs of cattle suffer, Rajasthan worst-hit

Lumpy skin disease: Lakhs of cattle suffer, Rajasthan worst-hit

Union animal husbandry Minister Sanjeev Balyan on Wednesday said about 18.5 lakh bovines are affected across the country by lumpy skin disease. Of these, 12.5 lakh cases are only from Rajasthan.

Despite the fact that the virus that primarily affects cows, buffaloes, and even deer has spread to 15 states, the Union minister, who is on a two-visit to Rajasthan, said the situation is acute there. He said about 30 lakh vaccine doses against the virus have been provided to the Rajasthan government by the Centre.

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Balyan advised all states to approach the vaccine trial on a war-footing. The central government is prepared for any necessary collaboration because this issue is serious, particularly in Rajasthan, he said.

Here’s a detail on its spread in states and UTs


At least 531 cases of lumpy skin disease have been reported from the national capital that has over 80,000 cattle. Of these, 325 are active cases, according to officials. They said the vaccination campaign will shortly begin in the capital and that vaccine doses would be given free of charge.

The Delhi government will adopt the ring vaccination strategy in which healthy cattle in a 5-km radius of the affected areas will be given goat pox vaccine with the Uttarkashi strain of the virus, the officials added.

Madhya Pradash

As many as 101 cattle died due to the lumpy virus in Madhya Pradesh where a total of 7,686 cases of lumpy skin disease were reported.

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who held a meeting on Wednesday to review the situation, said the vaccination of cattle will be done free of cost. Until the situation returns to normal, he also gave the authorities concerned the order to contain the spread by restricting the entry of cattle from neighbouring states and forbid the organising of any fairs for the sale or purchase of animals.


No cases of lumpy skin disease have been reported from the state, but required preventive steps, such as vaccination of cattle, are being taken up, said officials. In the first week of August, the director of veterinary services, Chhattisgarh, issued instructions for officials to remain vigilant after the lumpy skin disease was discovered in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and other states.

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