Kumta to Sandalwood in (Not) a day – A Musical Journey of Rosh Fernandes

Roshan Fernandes is a new generation upcoming composer and music producer who mostly goes by his stage name Rosh Fernandes. When we first met him, it was his underlying love and unnerving dedication towards music that struck us.

Roshan was born and raised in Kumta, in the southern Indian State of Karnataka. Kumta is renowned for cashew nuts, coconut and has its own set of tourist attractions.

Coming from a family of musicians, Roshan was in an environment conducive to music. His dad was a part of a traditional brass band and he often travelled along with the band as he fondly recalls.

He completed his primary and secondary schooling from Nirmala Convent Hight School, Kumta and holds a polytechnic degree in electronics and communications from R.N.S Polytechinic, Sirsi. Now it would be easy to acknowledge that right from his school days, he has participated in various events related to music and that it is part of the co-curriculum setup all schools offer.

But, at a young age of 17, Rosh has already started producing music in collaboration with various remix artists such as Aasif productions, DJ Waqas, DJ Alvee, and many others.

2014 was an important milestone in his music career when he took a break from the remix congregation and decided to produce commercial music. He collaborated with several Global artists such as Ravi Kaushal, Prajoth D’sa, Anuragh Mohn and so on.

He has worked in several genres and has composed in several languages such as Konkani, Kannada, English and Hindi.

Some important achievements in his career so far:

Nominated twice in KIMA (Karnataka International music awards).
The recreation of the song “Bitt Hogbeda” fetched him an award under the Best New Age music award category in 2019 KIMA.
Khwabeeda, A collaboration with Anuragh Mohn featuring Madhurima Tuli Crossed a million views on Youtube. It was a foray into the genre of Future House.

Recently, some of his songs have been hitting various clubs and party halls. Songs that require special mention are Aankho Ne Teri, Chill karo, Teri Baatein, Maka Mog Zala, Fanthem Zala, Porbu etc.

During the pandemic he collaborated with the team of Back to life which in turn became a platform for various emerging new young artists of the Konkani Music Industry. The Collaboration resulted in the release of 3 song album and “Maka Mog Zala”, one of the hit songs from this album, was overwhelmed with showers of appreciation for it was regarded as a new age love anthem. People especially found the Konkani touch to be particularly mesmerizing, for the language’s beauty is hardly acknowledged.

His next big move was his venture into the short film industry this year, where he composed the Background Score and Songs for a short movie called “Ashwaratha” which had created quite a buzz. Rosh has a lot of interesting developments in progress, including his first Full-Length Kannada Feature Film and also his upcoming EP with Ravi Kaushal.

When asked about his journey so far, all he said that was he was grateful to God and also to his family, well-wishers and friends that stood by him throughout. What amazes me is the fact that he has managed all this while working a full-time Job. His passion and dedication as we first noticed and spoke about was clearly evident. An attitude to never give-up and his personality has definitely helped him reach his goals every single time.

We wish him all the very best for all his future endeavours.

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