KENSICA : Another Successful Venture by Kunal Dron

KENSICA : Another Successful Venture by Kunal Dron

Kunal Dron, a young guy in his mid 20’s, is taking the digital marketing industry by surprise. He comes from the District of Solan in Himachal Pradesh and at the age of 22 he has achieved heights which some can’t even imagine.

He began freelancing in 2014 and, over the years, has gained a versatile clientele, including celebrities and artists on various platforms. His vast knowledge and experience, combined with his expertise in various fields of marketing, have made him one of the top experts in the city of Navi Mumbai.

Kunal Dron started working in the beautiful city of Solan, Himachal Pradesh, in 2014. He is the founder of Kensica & Dropout Digital. The company promotes songs and artists worldwide.

Know Kensica

Kensica, with more than 2500 satisfied clients worldwide, is India’s best PR agency. The company has promoted over 800 songs, movies, and brands worldwide. They are one of the top digital marketers for your brand in India. They are known to organize and schedule each and everything through their team.

Regarding fashion and digital marketing and PR, Kensica is an entity possessing a parent branch in Kharghar’s prestigious Navi Mumbai neighbourhood. It comprises new business concepts as Kunal Dron is a newcomer in the field of business at an early age.

It also has profound experts with years of industry experience.

With solid roots in the marketing industry, Kunal has experts with 4+ years of PR management experience in addition to 7+ years of experience in digital marketing. His experts have promoted more than 400 national and international brands at every stage.

Let’s know the ways Kensica help their clients.

Social Media Marketing: They offer numerous services, such as lead creation, performance monitoring, influencer management, on-page optimization, and others.

Digital PR: A solid online reputation can be one’s most significant asset in digital PR. Jessica uses the best methods to accomplish this.

Online marketing: With the help of digital marketing, businesses may more successfully reach their target audience and build brand awareness. Along with content marketing, SEO, SEM, and SMO, they offer various other digital marketing services.

Managing Online Reputation (ORM):  It is the process of developing plans that will shape or impact how the general public views a particular brand, person, or other entity online.