Karan Kundrra gets compared to Kabir Singh for being possessive about Tejasswi Prakash, fans says ‘really creepy’

Bigg Boss 15 viewers and fans have called out Karan Kundrra for appearing to be possessive about Tejasswi Prakash in the show. Many of them called him ‘Kabir Singh’ for his behaviour.

Bigg Boss 15 contestants Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash have been making headlines for their growing bond on the show. In the latest episode, Karan was seen questioning Tejasswi for her friendship with another contestant, Vishal Kotian. Bigg Boss viewers pointed out that Karan’s behaviour reminded them of ‘Kabir Singh’ for being possessive.

Kabir Singh was the titular character played by Shahid Kapoor in the 2019 movie. The character was one of an overtly possessive lover. 

In Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 15, Karan questioned Tejasswi for having a ‘soft corner’ for Vishal. Tejasswi then told him that she is friends with Vishal from the very first day. Karan then says, “Tere ko usmein aisa kya dikha hai? Jab tujhe maloom hai jo sabke baare mein bakwas karta hai (What do you see in him? You know he back talks rubbish about everyone.)” Tejasswi then interrupts him and says, “Mein logon ki kahi suni baaton pe react karne walon mein se nahi hun. (I don’t react to what other people are saying.)”

Tejasswi then adds, “Tujhe mein sahi lagun ya na lagun, mujhe pata hai ki mein sahi hun. Ultimately yeh tere uper hai. Tujhe jo sochna hai tu woh soch or tujhe jo karna hai woh tu kar. (I don’t care if you think I am wrong, I know I am not. Ultimately, it’s on you if you think I am wrong, you can think and do whatever you feel like.)” She also says that she can never think something like that for her partner and that she is disappointed by Karan’s behaviour. Karan then says, “If you will react like this then I will go away,” Tejasswi replies, “I will also go away then.”


Calling Karan ‘Kabir Singh’, one person wrote, “Karan’s possessiveness is really creepy man. Sasta Kabir Singh vibes #TejasswiIsTheBoss #TejasswiPrakash #BiggBoss15.” While another one said, “Press wale called Teja dominating, for advising Karan but Karan is being praised as ‘Kabir Singh’ for his possessiveness. I mean I like Karan but if this is his attitude towards a relationship, then the line dividing healthy and toxic is thinning. #TejasswiPrakash #TejRan.”

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One fan pointed out another conversation of Tejasswi and Karan and said, “’Karan – Don’t talk to me. What are you trying to prove that I’m insecure of Vishal? I’m possessive not insecure.’ He is giving Kabir Singh vibes.” 

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