‘Jersey’ trailer launch: Shahid Kapoor hails Akshay Kumar’s ‘Sooryavanshi’ for having the guts to be the first film to release in theatres – Times of India

Shahid Kapoor launched the trailer of his much-awaited film, ‘Jersey’, co-starring Mrunal Thakur in the lead role.

At the trailer launch, Shahid spoke at length about the lockdown last year, shooting amid the pandemic and waiting for two years for the theatres to open. He said, “It is great to be interacting with you guys and that too in a theatre. I have actually not been in Mumbai. I have been staying with my family in Punjab through most of this and we have been shooting at different places in Punjab. I have almost forgotten what it is like to be an actor. I have been busy with my family, taking care of the kids and things like that.”

Elaborating further he added, “It is amazing to be back in the theatres again and celebrating cinema where it is supposed to be celebrated which is the big screen. I don’t think we will ever lose our love for this. It is just a different feeling.”

Shahid also praised Rohit Shetty’s ‘Sooryavanshi’ starring Akshay Kumar for being the first film to release after theatres re-opened post pandemic related lockdowns. He said, “One of the teams that were cheering the most was, ‘Sooryavanshi’. Everybody wanted the film to work so that they can release their films. Congratulations to team ‘Sooryavanshi’ for having the guts to go out there and be the first in line. It is not easy to do that.”

“Content is travelling in different ways right now and I am so happy that I have worked with a team like ‘Jersey’. This was the most amazing, collaborative and most understanding team I have ever worked with. When COVID happened, we were almost through 50 percent of this film. We decided to stop shooting because it was not safe. We had a kid and my father was there. We didn’t want to risk it. There were no vaccines at that time. It took us a long time to complete the rest of the film. It has been a long journey for us. We were clear that we are not going to release this film unless the theatres open. We actually waited for two years,” the actor added.

On a lighter note, Shahid also added that he got whacked by a ball in the film. He jokingly told the audience at the trailer launch that they better like this film as he got injured shooting for it.

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