In Bed With Akash Thosar: “Make sure your love is reciprocated.”

In Bed With Akash Thosar: “Make sure your love is reciprocated.”

After catapulting to fame as the lead in Marathi blockbuster Sairat, Akash Thosar worked with Amitabh Bachchan in Jhund. “My father showed me the Jumma Chumma song when I was a kid. I didn’t know Amitji’s name, so I would refer to him as ‘Chumma’. My family still calls him that. Working with him was a dream come true for my father and me, but I couldn’t tell him that we call him ‘Chumma’,” he laughs.

Brought up in Pune, Akash planned to join the Army or police force after class 10, and so, wanted to pursue a sport. “I stayed at a wrestling centre in Sholapur for six years and learnt how to wrestle,” he reveals. But, he was spotted at a railway station while waiting after having missed the train, and his career started. “That’s why I believe whatever happens, happens for the best,” he smiles.

Sairat transformed Akahs’s life, though. 

“My world changed in a single day,” marvels the actor. Now hungry for challenges, his next film Ghar Banduk Biryani will see him reunite with Sairat director Nagraj Manjule. “Audiences don’t treat me like a hero, but like one of their own.

I like that.”

List three things nobody knows about you.

I’ve kept them secret for a reason! I’m listing things people should know about me:

1. I’m a fitness freak. I go to the gym, I exercise at home and I exercise at the akhada.

2. I’m fond of eating, irrespective of the cuisine. Having to follow a diet is difficult but I have no choice.

3. I love playing games. If you leave me with kids, I will play with them like I’m a child too.

Your guilty pleasure?

Every fortnight, I have a cheat day and I overeat and feel guilty. Then, it’s back to gajjak laddoos!

How do you react if somebody cheats you?

I ignore it and forgive. We’ve all got one life, so, let’s talk to each other with respect and love. People get so caught up in the daily rush of achieving their goals that they forget that we all have to leave this world one day.

A relationship rule that you always follow?

Make sure that your love is reciprocated.

One health shot you swear by?

Milk. Give me anything with dairy products, and I’m happy. Yet, strangely, I start my day with black coffee! (laughs)

Bedside stories

Your night-time routine?

Sometimes, I watch TV before nodding off. But more often, I listen to music, especially Kishore Kumar numbers. I grew up listening to my dad play songs all day.

 Do you prefer sleeping on the bed or the ground?

The ground. When I visit my village, I sleep below the open skies.

 What do you wear to bed?

Only my boxers.

This or that?

Slim-fit or baggy shirts?

Baggy clothes.

 Dogs or cats?

Cats. We had a pet cat when I was a child.

 Love marriage or arranged marriage?

Arranged marriage with the girl I fall in love with.

 Swimming in the pool or in a well à la Sairat?

I don’t like pools. I have dived into deep wells from a height and had a great time swimming in them. For Sairat, I had to jump 10-15 times because I had to smile at the girl while diving!

From HT Brunch, September 24, 2022

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