Grow Your Staff, making human resource outsourcing a cakewalk

Venture of Young entrepreneurs Arjun Reddy and Anirudh Reddy is providing 360-degree HRM solutions

The process of recruiting, employing, and retaining human resources has changed radically in the previous decade, especially during and post-pandemic hit the world. Not only many countries have changed Visa rules but largely restricted the inflow of migrants from other countries for obvious reasons. Besides that Corporate world prefers that all the human resource management be handled by firms that are specialized in this not only to cut the cost but also for employing and retaining the best manpower in a hassle-free environment. GrowYourStaff is an Indian firm that provides specialized human resource management services to firms from various domains in the United States. The firm headquartered in hi-tech city Hyderabad is founded by young entrepreneurs Arjun Reddy and Anirudh Reddy.

The United States of America has recently not only changed USB1 visa rules but like other countries have been restricting the inflow of migrant workers, although the corporate sector there still is keen to employ Indian educated and skilled youth known for their best capabilities. Home to Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing- Seattle has 40% of Indian techies, which shows the dependency of the US corporate sector on Indian skilled manpower. As work from remote locations has become the new trend in the entire world, the US corporate world also looks for service providers in India who can provide them quality manpower to work for them from remote locations preferably their own country India. organizations such as Grow Your staff have been providing the best offshore teams which are working for their respective firms sitting in a remote location.

The organization provides 360-degree Human resource management solutions that include dedicated office space, recruitment, training, onboarding, payroll, and team management. Founder of the firm Arjun Reddy, who is a Duke University graduate says “Ease of doing business has never been so smooth with technology playing a big part in it. We have been able to provide best-in-class human resource management services to our clients during the troubled period of the global pandemic. Professional skills of Indian youths have been proven for the last many decades, but the pandemic has restricted their movements, so we provide two-way channels where these youths and offshore firms both are benefited. It’s a win-win situation for both employer and employees.” He further adds “ we not only provide better quality human resources but also ensure the better retention percentage by streamlining better perks and health benefits for them .” Outsourcing human resource management also helps organizations to focus on internal resources to their core strength and manage bottom lines.

The firm not only provides human resource outsourcing services to big corporate groups but also to medium and small companies. Arjun says “Human resource outsourcing is viable for every business irrespective of size. One can compare the efforts of setting up an HR department and outsourcing with purchasing unstitched versus readymade clothes. The earlier not only consume more time and effort but results can also be not as fine as a readymade branded garment which not only proves better quality but needs way less effort. Resulting in better time management and reduced cost.” Organizations that want to outsource HR functions can opt for their complete services or select areas depending on the need of their business.

Both Arjun and Anirudh along with their third partner Shyam Thota have developed a team of handpicked experts in the human resource field who are specialized in one or more areas of human resource management. This team of experts keeps track of every industry-specific development related to HR practices and laws in the USA so that any transition required is quick and hassle-free.

With the kind and quality of services Grow your Staff is providing and its finesse in integrating it with client’s business show that availing their services is only going to take the business in the right direction. Apart from the United States of America, the firm is diversifying its services to the businesses of other nations too. Arjun says “Why not? we are a country of immense potential, we have both quality and quantity of skilled workforce, so we want the world to leverage on our capabilities.”

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