Golden Retriever doggo is personification of Vidya Balan’s Lazy Lad. Watch

Golden Retriever doggo is personification of Vidya Balan’s Lazy Lad. Watch

Laziness is a way of life. And it can be easily found in not just humans but also in our beloved pets. This particular Golden Retrievers doggo who can be seen in an Instagram video that has been posted recently, is quite lazy himself. His human, instead of getting annoyed, has put a hilarious twist on a video that they have recorded of him. There is a good chance that this video that has gone viral will make you laugh out loud for all the right reasons and brighten up the rest of your day.

The video opens to show the dog seated at the top of a flight of stairs and looking directly into the camera. “My dog’s face every morning when I tell him to come downstairs for a walk,” reads the text insert that provides context to this dog video. The grumpy dog can be seen sitting and trying to convey to his human that he has absolutely no desire to even move in the morning, let alone go for a morning walk. The song that has been used in this Instagram Reel is Lazy Lad from the movie Ghanchakkar that was released in the year 2013. The movie featured Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi in the lead roles.

Take a look:

Shared on June 17, this dog video has received over 6.39 lakh likes on it so far. It has also received many comments.

“It’s my reaction when my mom wakes me up in the morning,” relates an Instagram user. “First lazy dog I have seen, cute though!” posts another. “It’s my reaction when my dog wakes me up at 5 AM for his walk,” reads a hilarious comment.

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