BTS leader RM reveals Lizzo is a fan of V and Jimin, says she finds them ‘sexy’

BTS member RM revealed that singer Lizzo is a fan of the group, especially of the members V and Jimin. Lizzo recently met with BTS members V, Jimin, J-Hope and Jungkook at the Harry Styles concert in Los Angeles. They grooved to Harry’s songs and also posed for pictures.

At the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs), BTS was asked about Lizzo. Jimin said in Korean, which was then translated by RM, “She’s really attractive and we actually took a little photo with her.”

RM also revealed that Lizzo is a fan of Jimin and V, adding that the singer also complimented them. “Oh, we heard that Lizzo is the fan of especially these two guys (gesturing Jimin and V),” the BTS leader said. 

Jimin then added in Korean and RM translated, “She told these guys like ‘Oh you guys are sexy’.” When they were asked if there was any ‘love connection with Lizzo coming’, Jimin started laughing shyly.

After the Harry Styles concert, BTS and Lizzo shared pictures from their meet on Twitter. Lizzo retweeted BTS’ tweet featuring their pictures and wrote, “I met @BTS_twt.” The original tweet shared their photos together as they posed in the concert and read, “We met @lizzo.”

Lizzo also shared pictures with Jimin and V and wrote, “(smiling face with sunglasses) #VMINZZO @BTS_twt.” Lizzo had also shared a clip as she danced with V and wrote, “Enjoy this short clip of me & V screaming ‘YOU DONT KNOW YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL’.” Jimin and Jungkook were also seen grooving to the track.

Earlier in September, Lizzo covered BTS’ song Butter on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. She wore a black tube top with the word ‘VMIN’ written on it, the combination of V and Jimin. She had also posted a freestyle on their friendship. “I love you, you love me, just like Jimin loves some V/ Gooey like that butter B/ Gooey like that butter B/ Say I like you, you like me/ BFFs like VMIN, G,” Lizzo rapped in a Twitter video.

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Recently, BTS won the Artist of the Year at the AMAs in Los Angeles. They also won Favorite Pop Song with their song Butter and Favorite Pop Duo/Group. They performed Butter and My Universe, with Coldplay, at the event as well. 

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