‘Be patient’: Muslim organisations appeal to youths on action against PFI

‘Be patient’: Muslim organisations appeal to youths on action against PFI

The arrests of Popular Front of India (PFI) leaders by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) from across the country drew mixed reactions from several Muslim organisations, with many appealing to the youth from the community to remain patient on the action taken by the law enforcement agencies.

All India Tanjim Ulema-e-Islam, Kul Hind Markazi Imam Council and Muslim Students Organisation of India (MSO) have said in their statement that if the action has been taken to comply with the law and prevent terrorism, then everyone should be patient on it.

The organisations said the charges of murder, violence and possession of weapons against the arrested people are serious. However, these allegations have to be proved in court.

Keeping allegations of brainwashing the youth with Salafi Wahhabi ideology against PFI, they said Muslims should help the country in its pursuit of stability and peace.

The organisations added the PFI and organisations of Salafi Wahhabi ideology are basically brainwashing the youth which is not in the favour of Islam, the country and humanity.

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These organisations said that they have faith in the judicial system, law and Constitution of the country, according to a tweet in Hindi by the MSO, an apex students and youths’ body of Muslims working on the promotion of Sufism and inclusive India. It is to be noted that All India Tanjim Ulema-e-Islam and MSO met the then home minister Rajnath Singh in 2018 and first demanded a ban on PFI.

A total of 106 PFI cadres were arrested on Thursday in a joint operation conducted by the NIA, ED and state police forces across 15 states in the country’s multiple locations.

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