Arvind Kejriwal's 'Delhi model' all about publicity: Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit in Gujarat

AHMEDABAD: Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit on Wednesday said the so-called Delhi development model, being touted by chief minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal during campaigning in poll-bound Gujarat, is not supported by facts but aimed to gain publicity.
In a scathing attack on Kejriwal, Dikshit said the so-called Delhi model is not development-oriented. He challenged Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders for a debate “based on facts and figures”.
Addressing reporters, Dikshit wondered if the “revdi”- a reference to populist sops- promised by Kejriwal to various communities will ensure development in another five years.
The Congress spokesperson cited figures to claim that the previous Congress government in Delhi had fared much better than Kejriwal in the fields of education, infrastructure, healthcare etc.
“The Delhi model is all about publicity. It lacks substance. The AAP government in Delhi failed to build upon what was achieved by the Sheila Dikshit government over 15 years. Compared to the 15-year rule of Congress in Delhi under the late Sheila Dikshit, the AAP government has done little to improve education and health facilities,” said Dikshit, son of late Sheila Dikshit.
He alleged the Kejriwal government even failed to create employment contrary to claims made by Kejriwal during campaigning in Gujarat.
“We are surprised. What model they (AAP leaders) are talking about? I would like to warn our brothers and sisters in Gujarat that they will be worse off than what they are today, at least in the area of education (if they buy into Kejriwal’s claims). Whether it is Kejriwal, (Manish) Sisodia, or Raghav Chadha or anyone else, I challenge them to sit with me for a debate based on figures,” he said.
Dikshit said the so-called “Delhi model” is not development-oriented but is touted to attract votes.
“Will the ‘revadi’ promised by him (Kejriwal) to various communities help achieve development in another five years? Will it help build roads and bridges, and increase power production?” he asked.
The Congress leader alleged Kejriwal couldn’t raise a single unit of water (as the Delhi CM) and set up new plants for sewage treatment.
He said Kejriwal could not generate a single megawatt of electricity, or build new hospitals as the Delhi chief minister in the last eight years.
On the contrary, the then Congress government had done much more work in the fields of education, health, and employment generation during its 15-year rule in Delhi.
“There is no such Delhi model (as claimed by AAP). We (Delhi) have a huge fund, and our requirements are very different (compared to other states). Tell me a single promise made by AAP to make Gujarat better in another five-ten years. People will get money in their pockets but that does not help in development. It only buys votes,” Dikshit said.
He was apparently referring to allowances promised by Kejriwal to women and unemployed youth as “guarantees” if AAP forms a government in Gujarat.
Dikshit cited figures of Kejriwal government’s “performance” in the last eight years compared with the Congress rule of 15 years under the late Sheila Dikshit.
“Figures prove that Kejriwal’s model is only about publicity and no work is done on the ground,” he alleged.
Kejriwal constructed only 20 new schools in Delhi as against his promise of (constructing) 500 schools, Dikshit claimed.
The number of students appearing for class 12 exams rose from 45,000 in 1998 to 1.66 lakh when Congress was in power in Delhi under Sheila Dikshit, he said, adding the number would have gone up to 3.3 lakh had that pace (of students enrolling for class 12 exams) continued till date.
“Under the Kejriwal government, the number of students in class 12 dropped to 1.64 lakh. When Congress was in power in Delhi, the school dropout rate had decreased to 2 per cent from 7.2 per cent. During Kejriwal’s tenure, the school dropout rate increased to 3.1 per cent,” Dikshit claimed.
Also, the number of children enrolling in government schools went up from 8 lakh to 16.1 lakh when Sheila Dikshit was in power, he said, adding that this number remains stuck at 16.2 lakh in the Kejriwal government.
“The (pass) percentage of class 12 results dropped from 91 per cent to 81 per cent in the last eight years,” Dikshit said.
“Under the Sheila Dikshit government, the number of hospitals increased from 18 to 39, and hospital beds from 4,300 to 10,600. Whereas no new hospital was constructed under the Kejriwal government, while only 2,000 new beds were added,” Dikshit said.
He also alleged the sewage treatment capacity of Delhi decreased under the Kejriwal government, and water capacity and connections rose marginally.

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