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Ratia , Hariyana , Punjab ,
Apr 14, 2021 – Anku Sen is a popular YouTuber, who is also a Rapper, tech blogger, artist, and author from Ratia , India. He was born on 13nd September 1999. His real name is Ankit Sen. His Start YouTube channel is 7 years ago, Now Verified Artist Channel.

Anku sen as an Author (Writer) : Anku Sen is an Indian famous author and artist. He has introduced his first eBook on Amazon and Google Play store as the name of Advantage Of Online business :- By Anku Sen on 19th October 2021 in the English language with 11 pages. Basically, this eBook is Publisher Thames .

Hope we will get new interesting books in feature also from Anku sen and that books will make our life easier. So follow Anku Sen on their social media accounts.

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Anku Sen as an Artist ( Rapper, Singer, Writer): Ankit Kumar , better known as Anku Sen , is an Indian Musical Artist. He was introduced to the music industry launch Many Tracks Worldwide And Also Work As a Music Producer / Publisher.
And he is also a music promoter , and Music Producer in Haryana and Punjab City.

Anku Sen is Also a Music Distributor, He helps all Underground Artists. We strongly believe that every independent musician should access to technology, facilities, and acquaintances that will improve their chances that they are on the same playing field as majors. For that, we cooperate with some of the biggest digital music download and streaming service companies in the world. He is also a music Director in Punjab.

Anku Sen Thanks to an extensive network of distribution partners, we are able to negotiate the best service deals for our rights holders with retail partners.

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