Ankita Konwar performs Vrikshasana with fun twist in new video before International Yoga Day, Milind Soman reacts

Ankita Konwar performs Vrikshasana with fun twist in new video before International Yoga Day, Milind Soman reacts

International Yoga Day is almost here, and fitness enthusiasts are gearing up to celebrate the day in the most unique ways. Ankita Konwar, who is married to Milind Soman, is also one of them. Known for living an active lifestyle, going on global marathons, eating clean and exercising regularly, Ankita took to Instagram recently to drop a video of herself doing a yoga asana with a fun twist. The 30-year-old posted the clip on Sunday and requested her followers to never stop themselves from having fun while doing any activity, even yoga.

On June 19, Ankita posted a video titled – ‘Balance but make it fun’ – of herself performing yoga’s Vrikshasana or the Tree Pose. Dressed in a lemon yellow sports bra and pink yoga tights, Ankita nailed the pose. She also added a fun twist to the asana by jumping while performing it. “Whatever you do, NEVER forget to have fun with it. #fun #reels #balance #vrikshasana #jumpingtree #happy #healthy #loveyourself,” Ankita captioned the clip. (Also Read: Ankita Konwar does yoga in craziest places for new workout video, Milind Soman reacts)

The video begins with Ankita standing in the Vrikshasana or the Tree Pose. The fitness enthusiast did the pose by raising her hands above her head in a prayer position, shoulders relaxed, body lengthened from the waist, standing on one leg while pressing the sole of the other foot on its calf or inner thigh, and maintaining a straight spine. Then, while remaining in the position, the star started jumping in place. She called this fun yoga asana ‘Jumping Tree’.

After Ankita posted the clip, many of her followers flooded the comments section praising her. Her husband, Milind Soman, also reacted to the clip by hearting the post. One user wrote, “Wonderful and inspiring.” Another commented, “You are amazing.”

Vrikshasana or Tree Pose Benefits:

The Vrikshasana or Tree Pose helps build better balance, which helps with several other physical activities. It also strengthens the legs and core while opening the hips and stretching the inner thigh and groin, improves concentration, enhances flexibility, calms and relaxes the mind, and builds stability.

Can you do this asana?

Meanwhile, International Yoga Day is celebrated annually on June 21 since 2015, following its inception in the United Nations General Assembly in 2014. The theme for International Day of Yoga 2022 is ‘Yoga for humanity,’ keeping in mind the significant mental, physical and emotional strain caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This year will mark the eighth edition of the festival.

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