Amar Upadhyay doesn’t want to be a godfather, wants his son to make his own way in the industry

Actor Amar Upadhyay says he can stand behind his son, watching and guiding him, but he has to navigate his own way in the industry.

Actor Amar Upadhyay’s son Aryaman harbours a desire to follow his father’s footsteps into showbiz. And the actor is willing to support the 18-tear-old in this journey, but will not dictate his career choices.

“I can stand behind him, just watching and guiding him, but he has to make his own way. I want to see him making his own way, the way I made on mine,” he says.

The actor, who became a household name with his character of Mihir from Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, wants his son learn through trial and error.

“He is very young right now, and enjoying having fun in college, where he is studying film, TV and new media. So, he is still learning and trying to discover himself as to what he actually wants to do. I know that he wants to both direct and act,” shares Amar, adding, “But I want him to decide what he wants to do first. Maybe he can do both in the future and be like (actor-filmmaker) Farhan Akhtar. You never know with these kids, as they are much smarter and well versed with what’s happening around us.”

But the doting father also admits that his guidance might make the ride a little easier his son.“I didn’t have any backing in the industry, or anyone to tell me what is right or wrong. When I fell down, I had no one to help me get up. I did it on my own, and then walked again. I learnt the hard way. Maybe, my son might have to do it the same way or not,” says the Molkki actor as he looks back at his career graph.

Amar shares he has already told his son that he needs to put his 100 percent to whatever he decides to pursue. “My presence will always be an advantage for him but he hasn’t tried anywhere yet. I have advised him to not try anything at the moment because he still has to groom himself for the film industry,” ends the actor.

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