Alaya F’s DIY hair and face mask: Know its health benefits

Alaya F's DIY hair and face mask: Know its health benefits

Alaya F is currently on a health spree. The actor is sharing DIY tips on how to eat and live healthy, with the help of natural ingredients. Alaya’s Instagram profile is replete with helpful tips on how to use nature to its full potential and let it heal our mind and soul. Be it through yoga amidst nature or using natural ingredients such as vegetables and fruits in creating DIY drinks and masks to detox our body and look better and fresh, Alaya is teaching her Instagram family on how to use natural items.

A day back, Alaya shared a short video where she can be seen making a DIY face and hair mask. With the help of ingredients such as avocado, olive oil and honey, Alaya can be seen creating a natural mask which is loaded with health benefits. In the video, Alaya can be seen taking half of an avocado in a bowl and then adding one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of yoghurt to it. Then she can be seen mashing all of it together and creating a mask. In the last part of the video, Alaya can be seen applying the mask to her face and loving it.

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With the video, she also pointed out the benefits of using this hair and face mask. She wrote that it helps in exfoliating the dead skin cells and also helps in hydrating and moisturising the hair and face. “One of my favourite DIY hair and face masks,” she wrote. Take a look:

Avocado comes with lots of health benefits for the skin and hair. It helps in preventing skin damage and improving skin elasticity. It also helps in growth of hair, as it contains biotin – the B-complex vitamin. Honey contains emollient and humectant properties, which helps in moisturising the hair. Olive oil, on the other hand, helps in repairing damaged skin tissues.

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