10 fashion tips to choose the best jewellery for your outfit

10 fashion tips to choose the best jewellery for your outfit

The legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor once said, “Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique” and there is no doubt that even a simple outfit can be elevated instantly by just adding a piece of jewellery but the jewellery you choose makes a huge difference. It can surely make or break your look.

Standing in front of the mirror, we often spend 10-15 mins figuring out which jewellery to go with which outfit. The constant bewilderment to coordinate or not to coordinate, how much to coordinate yet keep it stunningly distinguished, has been a thing to think about most of the time for many of us.

Putting a perspective to the situation, this confusion is an art and you are the painter. Fashion experts encourage to do it as you like, experiment, since there are many occasions to style up and many ways to make it interesting and fun.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Jewellery Designer Purvii Asher and Rupesh Jain and Rupesh Jain, Founders of Candere by Kalyan Jewellers, list 10 tips to choose the best jewellery for your outfit:

1. Pearls and gold hoops – Be it regular workwear or running errands kind of a casual dress, one can enhance these looks by just adding a pair of subtle pearls or small plain gold danglers. Gold, as a metal, always compliments the skin, especially an 18 or 14 karat, and gives any outfit an edge and makes it look stylish. These two combinations are always complimenting and chic.

2. Solitaires – Everyone loves solitaires! Not only because it is solid rock but because of its simplicity, charm, status, or because it is a keepsake. Pairing them with any outfit always accentuates one’s look. However, at times one can ditch a regular stud and mix it with extensions. Any coloured solitaires, combined with gold and diamond-studded hangs bring out a unique look to the outfit and style. These beautiful coloured stones combined with simple hangs are unique and fashionable too.

3. Statement jewellery – A very typical layman’s outlook is an outfit should complement the jewellery or vice versa. But I believe that they both should complement each other. Most importantly should match one’s personality. Weddings are a lifetime event where we all think of outfits and jewellery way in advance. The most common mistake that one makes and should be avoided is “Overdoing”. It not only makes the entire look unappealing but makes the entire look very complicated. Outfit and jewellery both need equal attention. While wearing a statement piece, let the jewellery bring out your personality, like a gold statement or a diamond, kind of necklines matters a lot here. One can always go with a stunning necklace or big chandelier earrings in gold, diamonds, or polki to create an occasion look without clashing too much with the outfit. Silver jewellery is another suitable option that is back in trend and can be styled, for any large or small function.

4. Jhumkas – First thing that comes to our mind when we think of jhumkas are traditional outfits. Pairing jhumkas with an Indo-western creates a very edgy and earthy look. Be it a coloured stone jhumka with diamonds, gold, and silver combination, or be it plain gold cutwork, pair it with solid colour silk or printed kurti and pants and see how it transforms into a stylish dainty look.

5. Refurbish or recreate – Like one recreates an outfit, one can recreate jewellery too. A simple chain that one has worn for a long time adds a bit of zing to it by combining coloured stones, gold, or diamonds. A fresh look is created by doing a makeover of jewellery with minimum cost.

6. Jewellery as per the occasion – The first step to selecting the right jewellery is to consider the place or the event you have planned for. You surely want to dress fabulously and have all eyes on you! Having a mix of statement and minimal jewellery pieces is ideal for maintaining balance. If you are attending a wedding or a party and going for a heavy outfit, go for jewellery that is lightweight and vice versa. In case of daily wear or an office look, it is ideal to stick with lightweight and dainty jewellery designs that are versatile and go with all of your looks.

7. Jewellery to compliment the colour of your outfit – Yellow, white and rose gold are the metal colours that generally compliment any outfit. So, you can have a collection depending on your liking or what suits you the most. However, if your outfit has elements or hints of gold or silver, it is recommended to pair similar coloured jewellery to complement it. If you pair white gold jewellery with an outfit that has hints of yellow gold gota work or embroidery on it, it will surely look off and miss balanced. You can also opt for diamond jewellery, as it will complement most of your outfits and make you stand out.

8. Mix and match – If you are someone who likes to have fun with your jewellery, you must try mixing and matching it. You can either play with different designs or with different metal colours. But the key here is to have subtle pieces so the balance is still maintained. You can also stack and layer pieces to add character and drama to your look.

9. Diamonds are forever – Diamonds are a must-have in every woman’s collection. When it comes to diamond jewellery, you can never go wrong. You can style a set or just a pair of stud earrings to elevate your outfit instantly, making you look stunning and classy.

10. A reflection of your style – No matter what jewellery piece you go for, it is important that it resonates with your personality and style. If you love wearing something that is simple and minimalistic, get designs that are versatile and can be paired with multiple outfits. Go for pieces that are evergreen and last forever but at the same time, do also have one or two pieces which act as a statement and can be styled to instantly jazz up a plain outfit.

Whatever jewellery you go for, it should make you feel beautiful and confident because at the end that’s all that matters.

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